Arizona JKA: Shotokan Karate-Do

Traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate

Lifetime Exercise

We train in karate as lifetime exercise. We have members as young as 5 and as old as 80. Martial Arts training helps in all aspects of life, increasing overall health and well-being, stress reduction, and increased focus. Shotokan Karate-do also provides its practitioners with self-defense skills.

Educational Karate-Do

Karate-do is physical, mental, and spiritual. In addition to practicing kihon (basics), kata (forms), and kumite (sparring), we learn about the philosophy and Japanese culture. Arizona JKA has instructors with decades of experience teaching children and youth.


1805, 2019

Upcoming closures

There are two times between mid-May and the end of June when the dojo will be closed or the class schedule will be changed. Please note: Memorial Day Holiday: Saturday, May 25: No Kata Class. [...]

2804, 2019

Tuesday Night Summer Training

The dojo will be open on Tuesday nights, at least through the summer! Sensei Jackie will be teaching two classes on Tuesday nights. The first class, at 5:30pm, will focus on more basic training for [...]

1103, 2019

Master Koyama awarded 9th Dan!

Adult Class with Sensei Koyama We were very pleased to hear recently that Sensei Koyama has been awarded 9th Dan by the Japan Karate Association. 9th Dan is a great honor, and there [...]

2102, 2019

Ken wa kokoro nari

During a Gassuku in Trier Germany 1991, every participant got a certificate. The certificate, handed to us from Shihan Hideo Ochi, had a meaning that I would like to translate in this blog. In the [...]

1602, 2019

Arizona Matsuri Demonstration

On Saturday, February 23rd and Sunday, February 24th, we will be doing our annual demonstration at the Arizona Matsuri Festival. Did you know that the Arizona Matsuri turns 35 this year? And, did you know [...]

3012, 2018

December Festivities!

Kyu and Dan Certificates It's always exciting when students reach milestones - for us, that means successfully completing ranking examinations. We always make a celebration of it - when students pass an exam, they are [...]

Our Instructors

Our instructors have all trained in Shotokan karate-do for decades.

All have advanced rank and qualifications with the Japan Karate Association.

Sensei Shojiro Koyama

Chief Instructor

Sensei Shojiro Koyama

Master Koyama has been the Chief Instructor for the Arizona Karate Association since 1964. He holds the rank of 8th dan with the Japan Karate Association.

Master Koyama will continue to teach for the AJKA until his retirement.

Jackie Martinez Instructor

Jackie Martinez


Jackie Martinez

Jackie Martinez began her karate training in 1978 at the age of 17 in the All American Karate Federation under the direction of Hidetaka Nishiyama.  Since then, karate-dō has had a constant presence in her life. The principles of the Dojo Kun have proven to be an enduring philosophy in both her personal life and professional endeavors.

Jackie currently holds the rank of go-dan with the Japan Karate Association.  She is a B Level Instructor, C Level Judge, and D Level Examiner.  In addition to teaching at the Arizona JKA, she offers karate classes at ASU through the Professional Physical Education program, and is the coach of the JKA@ASU Sport Club.  She has been a student of Master Koyama since 2004. Jackie teaches in the Adult class and the Family Class.

Bobby Quihuis, Instructor

Bobby Quihuis


Bobby Quihuis

Bobby Quihuis has been training under Master Koyama for over 30 years, is a fifth degree black belt (Godan), and holds JKA credentials for Instructor, Judge, and Examiner. With over 25 years of experience teaching children and adults, Bobby is the Chief Instructor for the Family Class and the Saturday classes. She has competed in local, national, and international tournaments, and assisted with organizing, running, and judging the annual Western States tournament for many years.

In reflecting on her years of teaching, Bobby states, "Seeing the positive influence karate training has on an individual's character development over time is one of my greatest pleasures. To see a child mature to adulthood while developing their confidence and skills, and helping to foster that development, is truly a privilege."

Joe Quihuis BW

Joe Quihuis


Joe Quihuis

Joe Quihuis began training in Shotokan with Sensei Koyama after many years of being a gymnast and training in judo.

Joe is a yon-dan with Instructor and Judging Qualification, and is an instructor in the Adult Class and the Kata Class.

Rolf Lohr

Rolf Lohr


Rolf Lohr

Rolf Lohr started Karate in Europe under the lead of Shihan Ochi in Germany in 1978. During his karate career, he participated in many tournaments and ranked in both national and regional championships. Among his accomplishments where First Place Kata Team and 3rd place Kumite. He is a 5th Dan issued by the JKA (Japan Karate Association), and holds the qualifications of B level certified instructor, C level judge and D level examiner.

Rolf teaches in the Adult and Kata classes.

Instructor Trainees

Raul Andaya

Lisa Anderson

Kaitlin Baudier

Mike Burke

Hideki Kunitada

Brian Lipton

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Morning Class

July 22 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Afternoon Class

July 22 @ 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
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Evening Class

July 22 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
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Color Belt Class

July 23 @ 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
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An event every week that begins at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, repeating until August 13, 2019

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“Koyama sensei and his many dedicated and proficient students are legends both in the US and abroad. I've been training for 16 years and have been looking forward to training at this dojo for a long time. My first few classes have been great. The class is full of people showing good spirit, and the instruction is also very individualized. A warm atmosphere and top-notch instruction, what more could you ask for?”

Arizona Japan Karate Association

Kaitlin Baudier

“Great Dojo, great instructors, senpai and amazing sensei Master Shojiro Koyama
Thank all of you for allowing me to participate in this, I am very glad to have had this opportunity.”

Arizona Japan Karate Association

Fabio Foggi

“Classes here are more than a workout. We all sweat, but many of us also have experienced improved health, sleep, focus, and reduced stress.”

Arizona Japan Karate Association

Lisa Anderson

“My husband & I trained here for 35 years. This is a family dojo as our children & grandchildren have trained as well. The best part was training in the family class with our grandchildren.”

Arizona Japan Karate Association

Shari Mangin

"This is a perfect place to train karate in the most fulfilling way of the martial art. There are many experienced black belts that have learned this noble martial art from our legendary karate master Koyama Sensei who is very close to the root of the real karate shotokan! The Sensei and the Senpais are very helpful and wise. There is a family atmosphere on the place that make us feel home. Respect and learning are priorities on this dojo. I feel very fortunate to have found this wonderful place. A real dojo with a real Karate that will change your life completely!"

Arizona Japan Karate Association

Thiago Barbosa

If you're looking for a real traditional JKA (Japan Karate Association) system of shotokan karate school in the Phoenix area, THIS IS THE PLACE. The school is registered under JKA/WF (World Federation) America and also with JKA Headquarter in Japan. This organization is the successor of Arizona Karate Association. Shojiro Koyama Sensei is the Chief Instructor. Under his tutelage are dedicated and highly qualified JKA instructors. This is not a JKA wanna-be school but the REAL DEAL. The instructions in the class are based on the latest JKA teaching methodologies. The teachings are very technical in nature and helps you understand the reasons behind every kihon (basic karate techniques), kata (karate form or structured karate techniques and movement) and kumite (sparring) that you'll learn. The classes are enjoyable too, but making sure everyone learn and develop one's self seriously. It might be daunting at the start, but your hard work will pay off. As Koyama Sensei always say, "No pain no gain". If you're serious in learning the JKA system of shotokan karate, develop positive attitude and self-confidence, as well enjoy the camaraderie of its members, THIS IS THE PLACE. Come on and join and see it for yourself.”

Arizona Japan Karate Association

Raul Andaya

“It’s hardly been 1 year and Jane has learned so much. Having just earned her third belt, the color green is somehow now her new favorite color. Jane’s family and friends have all commented on how she’s more confident, super toned and beams with pride when asked about her training.
The instructors each bring something special and her fellow students are kind and supportive.
Jane looks forward to going to the dojo 3 times a week, anything a 17 year old does without being asked, especially karate is worth its weight in gold. ”

Arizona Japan Karate Association

Tori Eggleston