On Saturday, February 23rd and Sunday, February 24th, we will be doing our annual demonstration at the Arizona Matsuri Festival. Did you know that the Arizona Matsuri turns 35 this year? And, did you know that our dojo has participated in every single one (except for the few times we were rained out)?

The purpose of our Matsuri demonstration is to give people a taste of what we do in training every day. We also like to show off some of our more advanced training. Since we try to show what we do every day, we encourage everyone – from kids to adults, from white belts to black belts – to come join the demonstration. Everyone can participate, even if you’ve only been training a few weeks!

Our Saturday time is 1:45pm, and Sunday is 12 noon. We ask everyone to arrive a half an hour early so that we can pair people up for demonstrations.

Once you’re finished performing, you can stay and enjoy all that Matsuri has to offer, from taiko drumming to great food to tea ceremony demonstrations.