Start (or come back to) Karate in the New Year!

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Have you been thinking about trying out a Martial Art? Have you been thinking about improving your health and fitness? Are you looking for an activity for your children that's fun and good exercise? Have you been out of training for a while and are thinking about coming back? Great! Our first classes of 2020 are [...]

Arizona Matsuri Demonstration

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On Saturday, February 23rd and Sunday, February 24th, we will be doing our annual demonstration at the Arizona Matsuri Festival. Did you know that the Arizona Matsuri turns 35 this year? And, did you know that our dojo has participated in every single one (except for the few times we were rained out)? The purpose of [...]

Children and Martial Arts

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Traditional martial arts, specifically traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate, provides a cultural blend that is especially beneficial for children.  A class in a traditional karate school (Dojo) weaves elements of Japanese culture into an American environment. At Arizona JKA, we bring elements of Japanese and American culture together to create a dojo atmosphere that is both educational [...]

Our Club Mission

The purpose of the Arizona Japan Karate Association (Arizona JKA) is to foster the well-being of our members through the practice of Traditional Japanese Karate-Do.