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Tuesday Night Summer Training

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The dojo will be open on Tuesday nights, at least through the summer! Sensei Jackie will be teaching two classes on Tuesday nights. The first class, at 5:30pm, will focus on more basic training for white and color belts. All belt levels are welcome, especially if you want to improve your kihon and work on the [...]

August Kata: Nijushiho

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Each month, the Senseis choose one kata for the "kata of the month." The Adult class will focus on learning the kata, and it will also guide the training in kumite and kihon. This month's kata is Nijushiho. Come and learn (or review) this interesting kata and see how you can use its techniques in your karate. [...]

Youth and Karate

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Our Afternoon class is specifically designed for youth to begin learning our Traditional Japanese martial art. What is the best age for a youth to start karate training? Most youths are ready to train at the age of five. What are the benefits of karate training for youths? Karate provides a fun and exciting way to [...]

Educational Karate-Do

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Karate-do is physical, mental, and spiritual. In addition to practicing kihon (basics), kata (forms), and kumite (sparring), we learn about the philosophy and Japanese culture.

Our Club Mission

The purpose of the Arizona Japan Karate Association (Arizona JKA) is to foster the well-being of our members through the practice of Traditional Japanese Karate-Do.