End of Special Summer Training

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With the start of schools in August, we are concluding our special summer Tuesday evening classes. Stay tuned for some possible special trainings on Tuesdays in preparation for special exams, tournaments, and other events.

Upcoming closures

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There are two times between mid-May and the end of June when the dojo will be closed or the class schedule will be changed. Please note: Memorial Day Holiday: Saturday, May 25: No Kata Class. Instead, Sensei Rolf will be teaching an advanced kumite class for brown and black belts from 9-11am.Monday, May 27: No classes [...]

Tuesday Night Summer Training

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The dojo will be open on Tuesday nights, at least through the summer! Sensei Jackie will be teaching two classes on Tuesday nights. The first class, at 5:30pm, will focus on more basic training for white and color belts. All belt levels are welcome, especially if you want to improve your kihon and work on the [...]

Master Koyama awarded 9th Dan!

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Adult Class with Sensei Koyama We were very pleased to hear recently that Sensei Koyama has been awarded 9th Dan by the Japan Karate Association. 9th Dan is a great honor, and there are not very many karateka with this rank. It reflects Sensei Koyama's important contributions to karate-do and the JKA over his [...]

Ken wa kokoro nari

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During a Gassuku in Trier Germany 1991, every participant got a certificate. The certificate, handed to us from Shihan Hideo Ochi, had a meaning that I would like to translate in this blog. In the beginning, I did not realize the value nor the meaning of this certificate. The camp itself was a tough camp with [...]

Our Club Mission

The purpose of the Arizona Japan Karate Association (Arizona JKA) is to foster the well-being of our members through the practice of Traditional Japanese Karate-Do.