End of Special Summer Training

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With the start of schools in August, we are concluding our special summer Tuesday evening classes. Stay tuned for some possible special trainings on Tuesdays in preparation for special exams, tournaments, and other events.

Holiday Gathering and Celebration of Sensei Koyama’s Birthday and Retirement

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Please join us at our Holiday Gathering, at which we will also be honoring Sensei Koyama for both his birthday and his retirement. The event features a catered dinner. Please register for the event by November 30th. Follow this link to the event and the Eventbrite link to register! https://arizonajka.org/event/holiday-gathering-and-celebration-of-sensei-koyamas-birthday-and-retirement/

Our Club Mission

The purpose of the Arizona Japan Karate Association (Arizona JKA) is to foster the well-being of our members through the practice of Traditional Japanese Karate-Do.