If you drive by or stop by Arizona JKA, you will see that there are some changes around the dojo. While most of these changes are cosmetic, some are more significant. Our capital campaign has raised enough funds to begin to make some of these changes and improvements in the dojo.

On the outside…

First you will notice that the sign above the dojo has been pained red instead of blue. We are working our logo colors into more of the signage so that it will better catch your eye. The outside of the building has also been painted – it needed a fresh coat of paint, and it looks almost like a new building! Okay, not really, but it does look much better.

And the inside!

There have been some changes on the dojo floor as well. One of our priorities was to move the nafudakake, or name board, so that the kyu ranks were no longer at the top of the wall and out of reach. Since the dan ranks do not move so frequently, but the kyu ranks move every few months, it was important to us that our kyu rank students could more easily move their name when they pass an exam. We love the new tradition that we are creating: students now can move their name plate when they receive their certificate, and the whole dojo – 5:30 and 6:30 classes – watch the ceremony and can applaud our students’ progress! Changing the nafudakake also required some carpentry and painting work (supplied by our board and dojo members). Our board members also worked over a weekend to improve the dojo floor, refinishing some of the slippery spots. You will notice that if you are training!

The next of our improvement projects is coming in the next week or so.  Finally, after decades of training with only a swamp cooler and fans, we will have an air conditioner installed! You will still sweat if you are training, but hopefully spectators and parents will not be quite so hot. We will also have heat in the winter!

We still have more things we would like to do to improve the dojo for our students and families, including more signage and more sprucing up inside. Remember that all donations are tax-deductible (we even send you a tax receipt), and funds above our operating expenses go towards improving our space and our karate-do.