Kyu and Dan Certificates

It’s always exciting when students reach milestones – for us, that means successfully completing ranking examinations. We always make a celebration of it – when students pass an exam, they are awarded a certificate, and they get to move their name plate on the nafudakake (名札かけ), or name board, at the back of the dojo. Everyone gets a plate when they pass their first exam. After later exams, they move their plate to the corresponding rank.

And while making our way through the kyu ranks is exciting, it is just as exciting when our members pass one of the major milestones, the dan or black belt exam. Every dan rank is exciting, but perhaps none is quite as exciting as that first one. This year, Alexandra passed her exam in July, and received her certificate from Japan in December. Congratulations, Alexandra!

As we build skill and test for higher dan ranks, it takes longer between exams, and the exams are that much more challenging. At our holiday party, Sensei Koyama presented dan certificates to Kimi and Kaitlin, who passed their sandan (3rd dan) exams, and to Rolf, who passed his godan (5th dan) examCongratulations!

Dojo Cleanup

One of the last things we do to prepare for the new year is to clean the dojo. After class on December 21st, quite a few students hung around to clean, dust, and otherwise prepare the dojo for 2019. Thanks to the cleaning crew for a job well done!

We wish you all a Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing you on January 2, 2019 for the first training of the new year!