Please join us for our annual Payson Summer Camp, July 20-22 at the Tonto Apache Gym.

The Annual Summer Camp is a place for karatekas from the Western Region to come together and train in a beautiful environment, out of the heat of Phoenix, and focus on the development of our karate. The camp is open to all ages and belt levels, and we encourage all students to come and spend a focused time learning skills and techniques that we don’t always get to cover in depth in regular classes. Everyone can benefit from the focused training of a camp, from the newest beginner to the most advanced black belts.

Getting out of our usual spaces and training in a new place helps to shift our perspective, and makes us pay attention in different ways. Sometimes we hear the same correction or idea but because we are in a different space, we hear it differently. We get to train with different people than we usually train with, breaking us out of our old habits. Feeling the different energy of our fellow karatekas who train in different classes or in different dojos helps us to develop our skills. Our training together, sharing meals, and commiserating about sore muscles helps to strengthen our bonds with each other as well.

We will have two special classes taught by Sensei Koyama, and other trainings focused on specific skills and techniques taught by our certified instructors. As usual, we will have a Friday evening gathering for dinner, and a barbecue on Saturday evening.

This year, we are asking for a $50 donation to Arizona JKA to help defray costs, but there is no other camp fee. Saturday dinner will be $25 per person.