Arizona JKA:
A Non-profit, Volunteer Organization

We are a core group of Master Koyama’s students carrying on his legacy. Therefore, we established the Arizona JKA to carry on his teachings. Because of our educational focus, we chose to make Arizona JKA a non-profit corporation.

  • The nonprofit status matches our dedication to karate-do as a martial art. The purpose of our practice is to develop character, strength, compassion, and humility.

  • We share in the responsibilities of teaching and maintaining the dojo; we are all volunteers, and none of us is paid for teaching.

  • Membership dues and donations go to the everyday maintenance of the dojo, and towards future renovations to the space.

  • Dues and donations also fund additional educational opportunities, such as inviting special guest instructors and ensuring our instructors keep developing their karate-do.

Left to Right:  Jackie Martinez, Joe Quihuis, Bobby Quihuis, Rolf Lohr

core group of instructors

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